Clear Orchid Complete Bundle

Clear Orchid Complete Bundle

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Ideal for skin prone to breakouts, acne and pigmentation.  Great for oily or combination skin types. 


Gel Cleanser - Clean the skin well, will prevent breakdown of collagen which will prevent premature aging.  Great anti-inflammatory and healing properties.

Toner - Will moisturize, heal, sooth, exfoliate and regenerate the skin.

Breakout Control Cream - Will treat breakouts, moisturize, firm, protect from sun exposure damage.  It is non-comedogenic.  Promote cell regeneration.

Night Cream - Will moisturize, heal, nourish and regenerate the skin.  Will help even out your complexion while treating acne.  It is non-comedogenic.

How to use:

Gel Cleanser - Squeeze two pumps.  Pat and massage into the skin.  Do not use on the eye area.  Massage into the skin and rinse off.  Use both morning and evening.

Toner - Spray it onto damp cotton wool and wipe the skin. Use both morning and evening after cleansing.

Breakout Control Cream - Squeeze two pumps.  Pat into the skin. Do not use on the eye area.  Use morning only.  Apply morning only.  Works very well as a spot treatment on breakouts and in this case use twice daily.  For best results the whole Clear Orchid range should be used together.

Night Cream - Squeeze two pumps. Pat into the skin Apply daily all over the face and neck area. Use Evening only. For best results the whole Clear Orchid range should be used together.

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