Sun Damage

Nobody told you then that dark marks  you are seeing on your skin, although you have not broken out is the result of the sun you soaked up many years ago. And don’t get me wrong, you do need the sun. It’s over exposure we are concerned about. As you go on about your life your skin got a bit more than it needed. You are seeing this as dark marks even though your skin has not  broken out.  You will mostly see it on your forehead, cheeks or nose.



The doctors call it Lentigines. Its caused by frequent exposure to the sun which is believed to be the biggest cause of premature ageing and feared to cause cancer too. It begins in late teens and  early 20s and continually gets worse. That's why although it might  look like its suddenly appeared from nowhere, it will have built over a period of time and this makes the treatments take longer. Any other mark already on the skin will be made worse by sun exposure.



Whatever the stage you are at, it can be taken care of, with proper professional treatments and good skin care products. You must also prevent further damage by applying  a good Sunscreen over your moisturiser. Soaking up some sun is good for you but do it  morning hours when it’s not too hot and UNDER a sunscreen. Wearing a good sun hat will go a long way when outdoors.


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